Increase access to good food for all.

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Martin Reed


I'm passionate about the intersection of food and community and how the application of technology creates efficiencies in food supply chains that benefit producers, consumers and the environment.

Kylor Hall


My parents actually gave me the middle name 'logistics'. My passion for software development fits right in here developing all of the tools that are streamlining distribution for time-sensitive products.

Danielle Bradford


I bring organization to another level ensuring that operations run smoothly and packages arrive on time - skills I developed while fishing commercially in Alaska.


Perched over the San Francisco Bay on Pier 45, Blue Sea Labs is strategically positioned at the intersection of land and sea as well as technology and sustainable food systems.

Pier 45 is at the end of the Embarcadaro and Taylor St. There you will head west at Musee Mechanique and then immediately veer right down to the end of the pier.


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